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Where as the world wide consumers are now seeking for goods that can be replaced corn and wich GMOs is found. Three years later, when commercial Association Act, B.E. 2509 (1966) had
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20th Floor Sathorn Thani Building II, 92/58
Sathorn Nua Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel  :  +66 2234 4724, +66 2234 0620,
          +66 2236 4375-6
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The Thai Tapioca Trade Association (TTTA) has actively been involved in promoting production and trade of tapioca products in Thailand for more than 50 years. Our efforts have resulted in a rapid growth of tapioca trade, from irrelevance to being one of the major contributors to the Thais economy. Although there are many trade associations involve in tapioca trade nowadays, TTTA is recognized by the government as well as domestic and international organizations as the countrys leader in tapioca trade.

TTTA was founded on June 28, 1963 by a group of Thai tapioca traders. Our members include exporters of tapioca chips, pellets, and starch, as well as palletizers, starch factories, ethanol factories,
sweetener factories, traders and buyers of tapioca products. A great number of international entities are also a part of our member body as well.


TTTAs Mission

  1. To become the knowledge center of tapioca and collect information and statistics for members and general public.
  2. To monitor production and tapioca trading situation.
  3. To analyse problems and barriers of production and tapioca trading for preparing of traders and government.
  4. To drive the tapioca strategy and support the production and tapioca trading.
  5. To support and advice the government policy of production and trading for Thai benefit.
TTTAs Objectives
  1. To promote the entrepreneur in agriculture, industry, and trading all tapioca production.
  2. To assist tapioca production trading.
  3. To advice of academic assistance to agriculture, producer, or industry that have increased the quantity and quality.
  4. To cooperate and coordinate among agriculture, producer, and trader whom have beneficial all parties.
  5. To promote of harmonise between memberships for public beneficial.
  6. To promote memberships enhanced social status and reputation honor.
  7. To promote the production of tapioca sufficient quantity for market demand both of domestic and foreign.
  8. To sign agreement or assign regulation to members or refrain from action that follow the objectives of tapioca entrepreneur in completed.
  9. To be arbitrator to compromise and adjudicate of disputes between members, and members and the third party.

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